Water or flood damage can lead to a range of issues, from excessive house humidity levels to structural damage to mold growth. Find out how a professional disaster restoration specialist can help you get your home get back to normal after severe water damage. Water damage is never a good thing for a home, but severe damage from a flood or a major leak is even worse. The good news, though, is that North York Flood restoration are available to help you through the steps of a successful cleanup process. From initial assessment to professional humidity control procedures, these experts will be able to get your home dried out and restored to a stable state in a timely and thorough manner. When your home has been severely damaged by water, the first thing to do is to get a water damage restoration professional into the building to perform a comprehensive assessment of the situation. These experts have both the knowledge and the tools to catalog the full extent of the damage, especially when it comes to issues that you can't see. They will also be able to identify burgeoning problem areas--such as a compromised structural element--and will be able to create a restoration plan that targets the most vital areas first so that your home does not sustain any more damage. Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Before selecting a flood repair company be sure they are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Unfortunately, it is fairly common to encounter many "fly-by-night" operators that suddenly pop-up after a disaster. Sadly, these people try to profit by the misfortune of others. Certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. This all-important designation assures work is performed to the highest industry standards in full compliance with health and insurance expectations. Ancillary Services. Flood damage often results in more than the need for water extraction; carpet removal, upholstery cleaning, air duct disinfectant, temporary storage for possessions and much more are frequently encountered needs. Ask about mold removal and remediation, disposal of contaminated items and complete disinfectant of surface areas. Professionals vs. DIY Again, to what extent you have professional help and how much you do on your own is up to you. Professionals are specially trained to do this job, and have special equipment that does the job most effectively and quickly that the general population does not have access to. However, if you choose to do the task on your own, be very careful every step of the way. Because of the mold risk, water damage is not something to be taken lightly.